7 reasons why FLOE canopy systems offer you more for your money:

  • Greater boat protection. With FLOE’s extra deep fabric and framework, your canopy will not blow in or up.
  • Classy canopy style with tailor-fit fabric for a refined look.
  • Fabric is held taut with FLOE’s exclusive Quick-Clip™ fabric attachment system.
  • FLOE uses premium-grade solution dyed fabric. It has a more luxurious look and weighs 50% less than comparable vinyl fabrics.
  • SDP fabric is urethane coated, UV protected and has rip-resistant technology. Available in green, khaki, grey, burgundy and blue.
  • Many canopy sizes are available to accommodate a variety of watercraft lengths.
  • Canopy frames adjust vertically and horizontally for perfect boat coverage


FLOE’s innovative Quick-Clip™ System with ergonomic finger grips allows you to install and remove your canopy fabric in half the time of other systems. The exclusive Elastic Tension-Belt™ design provides constant tension on the fabric for a taut look and stunning aesthetics.


Canopy Care

Additional side protection

For those who require more coverage and protection, FLOE offers a canopy extension kit. Canopy extension kits add an additional 18” of side coverage to FLOE’s already extra deep canopies. These kits are available in all of our popular SDP fabric colors.

Full Length Vinyl Aluminum Bunks
  • Maximum boat hull support and stability
  • Strong aluminum extrusion contours to boat hull for complete support
  • Bunks can be off-set towards dock for easy access in and out of your boat
  • Infinite vertical and horizontal adjustment to accommodate most boat hulls
  • Strong aluminum extrusion with interlocked vinyl cushion contours to boat hull for complete support
  • Sold in pairs

Pontoon Full Length Bunks and Guide-In System
  • A bunk and guide system all in one
  • Extended bunks begin guiding your pontoon 16” before entering the lift
  • Aluminum frame with maintenance free composite guide
  • Enables you to use your boat lift in shallower water because the bunks lift your boat by the frame instead of the pontoons
  • Adjustable vertically and horizontally
  • Sold in pairs

Pro-Park Double Guide-in System

For boats 18’ or longer, Pro-Park has the ultimate “can’t miss” double entrance guide-in system. It starts to guide your craft 32” prior to the boat entering the lift and again as you enter the lift. They are designed to be used in combination with another pair of single or double guide-ins at the front of the lift. For smaller, easy to handle boats, you may opt for two pair of single Pro-Park guide-ins.

  • Guides boat by its rub rail so it never mars or touches the hull
  • Maintenance free PVC guide tubes covered by SDP fabric
  • Aluminum attachment framework with infinite width adjustment
  • Sold in pairs of either single or double guide-ins
Wireless Remote System
  • Easy and convenient way to remotely raise and lower your boat lift
  • Range up to 300 feet
  • Wireless remote kit includes an integrated interior canopy light
  • Can operate up to two FLOE lift systems
Motor Stop
  • Stops your boat in the same location every time
  • Keeps your boat from floating through the lift
  • Aluminum framework with vinyl bumper stops lower unit 27” away from lift cradle
Solar Charger
  • Keeps battery charged all summer
  • Attaches to boat lift corner post
  • Available for all DC powered boat lift systems
Boat Lift Wheel Kit
  • Allows you to roll your lift in and out without heavy lifting
  • Airtight wheels provide about 60 pounds of flotation each to lighten the lift while moving it in the water
  • Can stay permanently mounted to lift
Float and Roll Boat Lift System
  • Works great if lift needs to be floated long distances, floated into a slip or installed in muddy situations
  • Allows you to install and level your lift without getting wet or straining a muscle
  • Incorporates a set of four wheels with a float allowing you to roll the lift into the water and float it into place
  • Insta-Float – Same as Float & Roll except without wheels. May be used in combination with boat lift wheel kits

Lift Removal Cable
  • Stainless steel Y-cable is permanently attached to lift frame and is used to safely pull your lift to and from the lake
  • 25’ galvanized tow extension cable attaches to Y-cable

Canopy Flood Light
  • Fully adjustable mast lights provide safe night time access to and from your watercraft
  • Available for all powered boat lift systems
  • 7 minute auto shut-off prevents battery drain
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