Aqua Lily Pad

Available in 2 sizes:

Original 6’x18′ (weighs 30 pounds, holds 1,300 pounds of distributed weight)

Bull Frog 6’20” 3 ply (weighs 36 pounds, holds 1,600 pounds of distributed weight)

  • Puncture and tear resistant 1/4″ foam core
  • Laminated to 5/8″ foam outside buoyance
  • Layers with printed graphics
  • All materials contain a UV stabilization package for outdoor product protection.
  • Includes: Anchoring tether, Owner’s Manual and 1 Year Limited Warranty







ShoreMaster Poly Swim Raft

  • Large 7.5’ by 9.5’ non-skid deck surface
  • One-piece, foam filled, all-poly swim raft
  • 3000-pound capacity
  • Raft weight is approximately 325 pounds
  • Reflectors on each corner and the 3-step ladder provide additional safety.
  • Available in yellow, grey and tan
  • Standard 3-year warranty


ShoreMaster Rip Raft

  • 7.5′ x 7.5′ with 1,200-pound capacity
  • Modular design allows for accessory attachments and ability to attach multiple rafts together
  • Raft weight is 165 pounds
  • Reflectors on all four corners for safety
  • Durable anchoring system and non-slip deck surface
  • Available in yellow, grey, sandstone and orange
  • Standard 3-year ShoreMaster warranty






ShoreMaster Rip Raft Rock

  • Modular design attaches directly to the Rip Raft.
  • Includes integrated cup holders.
  • Ergonomically designed back rest and offers a great jumping platform.
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