SUP Boards

We carry a variety of Stand Up Paddle Boards made by Surftech, Hulakai and RAVE Sports.
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RAVE Sports

Rave SUP Boards

RAVE Sports is proud to introduce a complete line of SUP boards specifically designed for “Flat Water Paddlers” who don’t happen to live by the ocean but want to experience the fastest growing water sport.

The Touring Series has a displacement hull and hard rails designed for experienced flat water paddlers looking to enjoy long range paddling or recreational racing, making long distance adventures much easier than with a traditional surf style board.

The Lake Cruiser Series is the perfect combination board for paddlers looking for a good workout or for short to moderate excursions. These boards are for novice or experienced recreational flat water paddlers looking for stability and ease of paddling on lakes, rivers and bays. The unique hard rail design on a traditional shape provides greater stability and easier maneuverability.

The FS110 soft top is a perfect combination of comfort and performance not found in typical hard deck stand up paddle boards. The FS110 SUP is perfect for yoga too! The soft EVA top provides the ultimate yoga mat feeling on water, and the hard edge with 31” width gives the board a great stable platform for exercising or leisurely paddling. The high density EVA sides, tip, and tail protect the board from paddle dings and other minor abrasions.



20 years ago Surftech was cre­ated to bring new tech­nol­ogy to the process of board build­ing. Founder, Randy French, saw that the way boards were being made hadn’t changed for over 40 years. He made it his mis­sion to bring rev­o­lu­tion­ary new con­struc­tion tech­nolo­gies to the world.

Randy kept push­ing and look­ing for bet­ter mate­ri­als and tech­niques that would enable him to exactly repro­duce mas­ter shapes that were lighter, stronger and more eco­log­i­cally sus­tain­able. The result was the cre­ation of Surftech’s Tuflite epoxy com­pos­ite tech­nol­ogy, which was a game-changer in the indus­try. After years of research and test­ing, Surftech was proud to be the first com­pany to offer a real alter­na­tive to the fossil-based foam cores cur­rently being used. The result­ing “Nat­ural Com­pos­ite” core mate­r­ial is made from a renew­able cel­lu­lose fiber that is sus­tain­able and recy­clable. Unlike the com­pe­ti­tion, Surftech’s Fused-Cell cores are actu­ally water­proof and have remark­able flex prop­er­ties, retain­ing incred­i­ble struc­tural integrity for years of enjoyment.

Surftech continues to devel­op a wide vari­ety of tech­nolo­gies and the evo­lu­tion­ary pro­gres­sion con­tin­ues.


Hulakai Boards

Hulakai’s founder, Jun, is an experienced local waterman from the Big Island of Hawaii who has been designing boards for over 13 years. He is deeply involved with the company’s research and development.

The carefully chosen materials and construction provide memory and flex like that of a traditional style surfboard. All Hulakai SUP boards are constructed of EPS closed cell foam.  This core is then hand shaped and hand laid with epoxy.

Hulakai boards offer a natural, effortless feel while paddling and surfing (especially in choppy water) unlike molded boards. With molded boards, there is no memory or flex; this makes the board too rigid and buoyant for a smooth ride.

Using a SUP board offers recreational enjoyment as well as a great core workout. It is also a wonderful exercise for improving balance and coordination.


To see a short demonstration video click on, SUP Demo.