FLOE roll-in docks offer:

  1. Stability
  2. Easy to level
  3. Modular design, easy to change configuration or add on
  4. Easy to install and remove

Floe Dock Technology



Double Braced Easy-Level™ Support Legs
  • Eliminates the side-to-side sway common with other docks
  • No high maintenance cable or chain to tension
  • Kits are available to accommodate water depths up to 8.5 feet


Wheel or Sand Pad Choices
  • Standard wheel is drilled and fills with water for ballast; works best in firm to moderately soft applications where settling is no greater than 6″ into mud
  • Sand pad is available for installations where portability is not a concern and/or a necessity


Deck Surfaces


Aluminum Dock Decking

Maintenance free grey aluminum decking has a long-lasting, powder-coated, anti-skid surface.


Aluma-Grain™ Dock Decking

Maintenance free aluminum decking with the look of real wood. This patented powder coating process combines the aesthetics of real wood with all the great features of our standard aluminum decking.


Cedar Dock Decking

Gorgeous cedar dock decking is constructed with strong 5/4″ radius edged cedar boards, attached with stainless steel fasteners.

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