DH Docks



Brock Vinyl Decking

Manufactured from a special high-impact, weather-resistant vinyl compound. Extensive testing has proven this material to be ideally suited for docks.  It has a lifetime warranty.

Slip-Resistant – Grooved design pattern provides a very stylish appearance, an excellent walking surface for shoes or bare feet and quick water drainage. Handicapped approved.

Cool and Comfortable
– Wood absorbs heat. The Brock Deck planking reflects the sun’s rays, staying cool to the touch.


We have designed our aluminum frame sectional dock with ease of installation, stability, strength, versatility, longevity and sleek good looks in mind. Each dock section consists of either the 4’x10’ or 5’x10’ aluminum frame, two drop-in decking panels (constructed with Cedar, Ipé or Brock Vinyl), pipes, bases, connecting hardware and dock post caps.



D.H. Docks & Tracks uses aluminum tubing with a 1/8” wall thickness for our dock frames. Both the 4’x10’ and 5’x10’ frames are constructed of 1 3/4”x5” tubing with two 1”x2” center support tubes running lengthwise, one running side to side. All support tubes are welded to the dock frame. The corners are welded as well as bolted. Every piece of material used to build these frames is non-corrosive and was chosen with strength in mind. Three stringers are used on each drop-in decking panel.


To prolong the life of your D.H. Dock, there are a few small maintenance items we recommend.

Use a little grease on the setscrews of the pipe brackets once a year, preferably in spring. The same goes for the setscrews on sway bases, setscrew bases, and the threads on threaded pipe bases if you remove your pipes each year.

Stack the removable dock panels face-to-face and back-to-back. Make sure they are level. This is especially important with wood decking.

The vinyl decking can be pressure washed as needed. For wood decking, we recommend a stiff brush. If you use a cleaning agent, always use one that is environmentally friendly.

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