Pier Pleasure

Quality, workmanship and design. Extra effort is given to remove defects, sharp edges and corners. This ensures safety, maintains quality standards, and assures your satisfaction.



Wood surfaces absorb heat while Brock Deck vinyl planks reflect the sun’s rays and stays cool to the touch. The Brock Deck surface has excellent resistance to stains and is easy to clean.



Western Red Cedar is used to maintain the quality and durability that customers have to come to expect from us





Extruded aluminum deck planks are painted with a baked-on enamel finish that has a gray textured surface. The grooved design is attractive and assists with quick water drainage. The aluminum deck is durable and will last for many years.




Pier Pleasure’s adjustable legs allow leveling from the top of the dock without entering the water. Each leg levels independently and there are no set screws or holes to line up. The leg adjustment carries a full lifetime warranty.




Our sectional dock system design flexibility allows for virtually unlimited layout options and additional sections can be easily added at any time to customize your dock layout to fit your needs as they change.

Common Dock Formations

Image of Common Dock Formations


Unique Dock Formations

Image of Unique Dock Formations
Some dock layouts are shown with optional corner section.



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