Can I put my purchase on a credit card?

Yes; we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover


May I pay my bill on-line?

Yes; you may pay by e-check by following the link in your emailed invoice


Do the wheels on my dock go inside or outside?

They typically go outside for more stability, but may go inside if the supports conflict with other equipment or swimming areas


Are there restrictions to how long the dock can be?

No; however you cannot impede navigation on the lake


Where do I place my boat lift?

Typically lifts are placed toward the end of the dock but toward shore far enough so that your equipment & canopy do not block the view


How do I clean my canopy?

Brush off any loose dirt, hose down & let thoroughly dry.  If there are stains use a NATURAL soap (for example hand soaps, Green Works dish or laundry soaps, Simple Green, etc), lightly scrub, rinse & dry


How should I store my canopy?

Make sure your canopy is clean & dry prior to storage; we recommend shrink wrapping or putting your canopy into an airtight container (such as Rubbermaid, etc) to keep from pests & rodents


Do I have to treat the seams on my canopy?

Vinyl & SeaMark fabrics do not need to be treated as they are heat sealed on the seams; it is recommended to treat other fabrics on an annual basis or every other year


Why should I have a boat lift?

Boat lifts keep your watercraft out of the water to prevent algae & pest growth on your hull; this ultimately protects the coating & coloring of your watercraft.  If you add a canopy this will protect the interior from sun damage & other harmful environmental affects


How high should my dock be above the water?

In central Minnesota it is recommended to keep the dock approximately 16” above the water line to prevent large waves washing over the dock or kicking out panels; on larger lakes it may be a good idea to keep the dock approximately 18″ or more above the water line


Will a larger winch on my lift increase capacity?

No; capacity largely depends on the framework of the lift, among other components


My lift seems to be working hard and making odd noises; what should I do?

Verify that the pulleys are moving freely; if ok, the winch needs to be checked


I’m having a hard time centering my boat; what should I do?

Make sure your bunks or cradles are adjusted to your boat; if ok, you may want to add guide-ons or adjust the ones you have


Do you carry used equipment?

We carry a variety of used docks, lifts and other lakeshore equipment and toys – ask us whats in stock!


**Disclaimer** Due to variations of job sites; the above answers may not fit your situation.  Also note, for questions on permits or restrictions, please defer to current State, Local & Association regulations.

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