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The HydroSweep Pro is an innovative Aquatic Current Device (ACD) used to remove invasive plant-life and annoying pests, off your shoreline.

Offering a long-term solution, it is one of the safest, most effective, and environmentally responsible ways to enjoy your lake front without risking harm to the natural ecosystem of our beautiful lakes.

    • Reduces swimmers itch
    • Deters weed growth
    • Rids shoreline of stagnant water (algae, duck weed, etc)
    • Sealed, Programmable Box with multiple speeds
    • Energy efficient
    • Obstruction sensing
    • Directed flow at 1400 gal/minute
    • 50’ range or greater depending on variables
    • Store prop facing down
    • No other maintenance required
    • Made in Minnesota!


hydrosweep before

hydrosweep after


Introductory video by SafeShore, makers of HydroSweep Pro.

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