FLOE canopy

  • Fabric is held taut with FLOE’s exclusive Quick-Clip™ fabric attachment system.
  • FLOE uses premium-grade solution dyed fabric. It has a more luxurious look and weighs 50% less than comparable vinyl covers.
  • SDP fabric is urethane coated, UV protected and has rip-resistant technology. Available in green, grey, and navy blue.
  • Many canopy sizes are available to accommodate a variety of watercraft lengths.
  • Canopy frames adjust vertically and horizontally for perfect boat coverage


FLOE’s innovative Quick-Clip™ System


Canopy Care

Additional side protection

18″ drop side canopy extension kit

Full Length Vinyl Aluminum Bunks
  • Infinite vertical and horizontal adjustment to accommodate most boat hulls
  • Strong aluminum extrusion with interlocked vinyl cushion contours to boat hull for complete support

Pontoon Full Length Bunks and Guide-In System
  • Aluminum frame with maintenance free vinyl guide your pontoon before entering the lift
  • Enables you to use your boat lift in shallower water because the bunks lift your boat by the frame instead of the pontoons
  • Adjustable vertically and horizontally

Pro-Park Double Guide-in System
  • Guides boat by its rub rail so it never mars or touches the hull
  • Maintenance free PVC guide tubes covered by SDP fabric
  • Aluminum attachment framework with infinite width adjustment
FL horiz guide
Precision Park Horizontal Guides
  • Full-length carpeted horizontal guides with vertical entry bumpers for initial contact
  • Two additional vertical bumpers for final contact with rub rail
  • Adjusts vertically and horizontally for a perfect fit
Wireless Remote System
  • Easy and convenient way to remotely raise and lower your boat lift
  • Range up to 300 feet
Motor Stop
  • Safety option to prevent lower unit from hitting bed frame
Solar Charger
  • Helps to maintain battery charge
  • Attaches to boat lift corner post
  • Available for all DC powered boat lift systems
Boat Lift Wheel Kit
  • Allows you to roll your lift in and out without heavy lifting
  • Airtight wheels provide about 60 pounds of flotation each to lighten the lift while moving it in the water
  • Can stay permanently mounted to lift depending on water depths
Float and Roll Boat Lift System
  • Works great if lift needs to be floated long distances, floated into a slip or installed in muddy situations
  • Allows you to install and level your lift without straining a muscle
  • Incorporates a set of four wheels with a float allowing you to roll the lift into the water and float it into place

Lift Removal Cable
  • Stainless steel Y-cable is permanently attached to lift frame and is used to safely pull your lift to and from the lake

Canopy Flood Light
  • Mast lights provide safe night time access to and from your watercraft
  • Available for all powered boat lift systems
  • 7 minute auto shut-off prevents battery drain
FL lift step
Boat Lift Step
  • Fits on V brace and can be adjusted based on height requirements
  • Textured for traction
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