Centering Guides

Centering Guides from ShoreMaster fit all ShoreMaster vertical, cantilever lifts and most Hydraulic lifts. A high quality aluminum channel and carpeted wood surface provide a non marring surface to guide your boat. The flared ends allow for an easy entrance into your boat lift. ShoreMaster centering guides are adjustable horizontally and vertically for a perfect fit. The non-skid channel top provides a safe surface to step on when accessing your boat.

Boat Lift Bunks

Boat Lift Bunks from ShoreMaster are designed to fit all ShoreMaster boat lifts. Aluminum / Vinyl bunks utilize an aluminum channel covered by extruded vinyl for an outstanding surface to rest your boat on. Carpet covered wood bunks are also available. Bunks are recommended for all inboard boats.

Motor Stops

Adjustable motor stops help you land your boat on your ShoreMaster lift with confidence, safety and ease. We offer three options based on lift and boat type. Choose the one that fits your situation, and situate your boat in just the right location.

Solar Panels

The 10 watt Solar Panel from ShoreMaster helps maintain your battery’s charge. So you’re always ready to hit the water. Solar Panels from ShoreMaster are pre-wired for a quick and easy set up and they’re weatherproof and maintenance free.

Boat Lift Canopy Frames

ShoreMaster canopy frames provide structural support for your canopy cover. They’re manufactured to be light weight, in part due to their all aluminum construction. The deep frames and rounded ends allow your boat to be tucked into the canopy’s frame for maximum protection from sun, wind and rain.

Universal Wheel Bracket Kit & Pivoting Wheel Caddy

The Universal Wheel Bracket Kit assists in the removal, and installation of your boat lift, and its universal design allows for installation on virtually any lift.The Pivoting Wheel Caddy uses a cantilever pivoting motion to provide a small amount of lift that assists in the installation and removal of your lift. Designed specifically for ShoreMaster boat lifts, but will fit some other brands.

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