Vertical PWC Lifts

Rise above the punishment of high waves. The ShoreMaster model number 1264 vertical PWC lift is the perfect way to protect your PWC, and spend more time enjoying it because you’ll spend less time cleaning and maintaining its hull. The 1264 vertical PWC lift provides 50” of lift height, so you’ll rest easy knowing that your personal watercraft is lifted above the punishment of high waves. And when the wakes from boat traffic, or the waves of the last storm finally calm down, you’ll be able to utilize your lift in as little as 12” of water. The 1264 vertical PWC lift is right for most situations.

Cantilever PWC Lifts

Your PWC deserves protection. You deserve simplicity. The ShoreMaster 1200 PW Cantilever PWC lift delivers both. The ShoreMaster 1200 PW Cantilever Lift has a capacity rating of 1,200 pounds, and an inside width of 64″ to accommodates today’s larger, more aggressive PWC’s. Completely redesigned from the ground up, this PWC lift uses welded side frames and welded rack beams which means you get the toughest PWC lift on the market so you won’t waste your money on repairs and maintenance like some other “bolt together” PWC lifts require.



A private island for your PWC.   You get the best of both worlds with the ShoreMaster ShorePort, solid protection and efficient service both on and off. That’s why they’re so popular at locations that rent PWC’s. The ShorePort is depended on by many of its owners to withstand the most rugged conditions of continuous use, and to operate flawlessly each and every time it’s required. Plus the ShorePort is constructed of very few moving parts so there is almost no maintenance. After a great run, give your Personal Water Craft one last flick of the throttle and slide up on a ShorePort for the fastest, easiest, simplest dry dock on water.

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