The Pontoon Lift That Goes Where You Go!

Sea-Legs, the world’s only portable hydraulic pontoon lift, is now stronger, faster and quieter than ever.  Raise your Sea-Legs and go, lower your Sea-Legs and park — at your dock, sandbars, restaurants, visiting neighbors, shore fishing, getting gas and more.

  • Secures your boat. No drifting, no anchors, no banging against the dock.
  • Eliminates bulky, stationary lifts.
  • Make it easy to park your boat in high winds and rough water.
  • Keeps tubes out of the water when pontoon is not in use, avoiding algae and discoloration.
  • Works in muck and all other lake bottoms.
  • Can be used with any pontoon trailer.
  • Permanently attaches to your pontoon — your lift goes where you go!

Sea-Legs triple is operated by remote control allowing you total control of your lift.

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