fl vertical lift

Easy-Level™ Leveling System

With Easy-Level™ leveling leg systems and a cordless drill, you can effortlessly install and level your boat lift without getting in the water.

  • No Pins to Align
  • One Person Job
  • Easy Seasonal Adjustment
  • Raises installation wheels off the ground

Why a VSD boat lift is superior to all others:

  • It raisefl vsd 24 volts and lowers your boat in about one-half the time of most other powered boat lifts! This means you will raise your boat to greater protection more often.
  • The superior efficient 24-volt VSD will lift a 3,500 lbs. boat 177 times on a single battery charge. Compare this to a typical 12-volt hydraulic or DC powered winch lift which will discharge after about 35 lifts.
  • Drive train is whisper quiet with no clicking winch gears or pinging cable.
  • Low maintenance gear head electric motor.
  • Industrial strength ball-screw is rated for 20,000 cycles at 10,000 lbs.
  • Environmentally friendly – no possibility of oil leaks common with hydraulic lifts.


Sealed gear head motor simply spins the screw so that the ball nut travels back and forth as it pulls the lifting cable. It is permanently lubricated, making it virtually maintenance free.

FLOE VSD boat lifts are available in the following models:



Lift Model / Capacity
Inside Width
Lift Length
Winch Options
24 Volt DC or 120 Volt 
VSD-3800116.5 inches114 inchesX
VSD-5000116.5 inches114 inchesX
VSD-5000 PNT122.5 inches162 inchesX
VSD-6000131 inches131 inchesX
VSD-6500119 inches131 inchesX
VSD-8000119 inches131 inchesX
VSD-10,000131 inches167 inchesX


The FLOE exclusive 12-volt DC winch kit includes a custom electronic control system which give you the following benefits:

  • fl 12 voltQuickly raise and lower your boat with the push of a button
  • Industrial duty wired remote with 25′ cord can be conveniently positioned
  • Exceptional value compared to other power winch systems
  • Can be used in conjunction with solar panel
  • Comes standard with battery tray and box

DC electric winch kits work with the V-2602 twin personal watercraft lift and the following boat lift models:



Lift Model
Inside Width
Lift Length
12 Volt DC or Manual
V-200098 inches102 inchesX
V-2602 (Double)116.5 inches66 inchesX
V-3600116.5 inches114 inchesX
V-4600116.5 inches114 inchesX


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