ShoreMaster vertical lifts are designed for shallow waters, highly fluctuating waters and rough waters where you need to get your boat high out of the water. With the ShoreMaster vertical lift, you only need 18 inches of water clearance and most models have a lifting height of 66 inches, the highest in the industry. The double V-side design allows for easy access to your boat from either side of the lift.

Vertical Boat Lift Specifications

Lift Capacity
Beam Width
Lift Length
1264 SR1,200 lbs.64 inches80 inches
12961,200 lbs.96 inches109 inches
2208 SR2,200 lbs.96 inches127 inches
3009 DVS3,000 lbs.108 inches127 inches
3010 DVS3,000 lbs.120 inches127 inches
4009 DVS4,000 lbs.108 inches127 inches
4010 DVS4,000 lbs.120 inches127 inches
5010 DVS5,000 lbs.120 inches127 inches
6010 DVS6,000 lbs.120 inches127 inches
701068 SR7,000 lbs.120 inches166 inches


Pontoon Vertical Lifts

Lift Capacity
inside Beam Width
Lift Length
4010 PTN4,000 lbs.120 inches175 inches
5510 PTN5,500 lbs.120 inches175 inches
701168 PTN7,000 lbs.132 inches238 inches
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