2016 Holiday Edition

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas Friends and Special Customers!

By the time you read this, our nation will have elected a new President.  Which likely means the impeachment process is underway.  At Anchor Dock & Lift we hope to earn your vote (couldn’t resist) of confidence.  Each passing year provides a unique set of challenges, successes and opportunities.  We remain ready to tackle the challenges, be humbled by the successes and enjoy exploring the opportunities.

It’s about the people, people

A major reason we love what we do is because there are very few businesses that enjoy the quality of, and relationship with, customers like ours.  Whether it’s an impressive professional career, an amazing life story of adventure or inspiring philanthropy – we are regularly impressed by the accomplishments and find the stories of how each of our customers “got here” so interesting!

The other reason we love doing this is the Anchor Family.  Many businesses, particularly in the dock & lift industry, list their employees as the number one challenge in their business.  But Anchor Dock & Lift has developed a culture of mutual respect and teamwork thereby cutting turnover almost entirely.  This year the only change to the team was Andy Olson and what a great addition he is!

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

This year Derek Jacobson, a longtime Anchor Dock & Lift employee, discovered Zebra Mussels in Lake Sylvia.  Later, the DNR found the newest threat to our area’s lakes in Lake Sylvia: Starry Stonewort.   We can slow the spread and impact of AIS through strategic efforts like inspections, decontamination, and treatment.   This year Chip Purcell was brought in to lead our access monitoring program and keep our focus sharp.  Under Chip’s leadership, the program added a mobile decon unit for all of Wright County – a huge step forward.  But we urge all of you to raise awareness of AIS at the legislative level.  Aggressive changes to the law are the only path to lasting progress.


This year we built an additional boat storage shed and upgraded to a state of the art scheduling software – we couldn’t be happier with the photos, mobile GPS, and routing features.   New products this year include a line of floating docks called Wave Armor (built in Maple Lake, no less), power canopies, and the ‘muck mat’ for equipment in muddy shorelines. The most exciting news is that at the end of July, Rick and Katie had a baby boy named Greysen.  He has several unofficial aunts and uncles here at Anchor that are very excited.

As Anchor Dock & Lift continues to grow, more work is added, yet each day still only lasts 24 hrs.  We are committed to maintain our focus on customers and will not lose sight of another core value: community involvement.

With appreciation for your business and greetings during Christmas and the Holiday Season,


Your Anchor Dock & Lift Team

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