Feelfree recreational kayaks are designed for stability, fun and comfort.  Several models are available in our store for cruising and for fishing. Key features in all of the boats are:

  • Molded handles
  • Wheel in the keel
  • Supportive seats
  • Storage options
  • Paddle holders
  • Durability




Just imagine? A kayak that can surf, drift along on slow moving streams and rivers, throw a line and catch a fish or two, paddle in shallow area’s not accessible by larger craft, if you want a kayak that can do this and more then look no further than the Nomad, it has all of the above features and more! The Nomad is an all-around state of the art single person kayak, design features moves the standard kayak to new levels, enjoy ultimate experience on the water, comfortable foam backed seat, large ergonomic cockpit.




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Comfortable, stable and fun are three words to best describe the Corona. The Corona was designed for family, lovers, or friends who want to enjoy a variety of water in an affordable way. The Corona was specifically designed for 2 paddling styles. It can load up 2 paddlers plus 1 in the middle with cozy leg room or enjoy single paddling in the middle seat. You can also enjoy the solo paddling with the thigh strap as well to surf with style. The Feelfree’s design identity, V-shape handle and Molded-in handle, were also included in this new model for more comfortable transport.




“Fast and Fun for two” this boat is truly an all round performer whether you are out for a day exploring, snorkeling, fishing or just having fun with the family. The extra length to carry two people plus child space in a center position gives this kayak a comfortable seaworthy nature and paddling performance all in one package. After a long day exploring the bay the new Gemini is easy to move from water to the land with the new wheel in the keel feature. Enjoy many other new features on this second generation time tested design.


Lure Fishing Kayaks


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Moken 13 (Standard)

Moken 13 Standard

Transferred every detail from the Moken 13 Angler Deluxe, the Moken Standard is the most innovative compact diving and fishing kayak. For those who want to enjoy fishing and diving in a lighter way but keep a professional standard, this version is best for you. A front net is perfect for quick installation, which helps you manage your deck space with style.



Feel Free Kayak Touring Paddle
Touring paddle

Ideal for lake and river kayaking. Designed for the paddler who likes to get out for long trips. Engineered to lessen fatique while using a lower paddle stroke.

Feel Free Kayak Paddle Leash
Paddle leash

For those heading into surf, whitewater, high winds or rough seas. Even those reaching for a camera, the paddle leash is essential gear. By attaching the leash to your wrist or kayak, the Feelfree paddle leash ensures you won’t lose your paddle.

Feel Free Kayak Thigh Straps
Thigh straps

Feelfree ‘Thigh straps’ for Move, Nomad or Gemini. Nylon straps with comfortable cushioned, tapered neoprene knee pads. Fully adjustable. Special for Tri-Yak.

Feel Free Kayak Scupper Plug
Scupper plug

Keep your kayak dry with the rubber synthetic Scupper plug.

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