Aqua Cycle

AquaCycle Paddle boat on Lake Sylvia
Aqua Cycle - Original

The “ORIGINAL” Aqua Cycle has been in production and has been a favorite with many for the last 35 Years. With 12” diameter aluminum pontoons, it has a weight capacity of approximately 400 lbs.

Aqua Cycle 15 Paddle Boat shown with optional accessories
Aqua Cycle 15

The “AQUA CYCLE 15” is just 2” longer than the “Original Aqua Cycle.” It has 15” diameter pontoons and a weight capacity of up to 585 lbs. This is an excellent boat for fishing. It comes standard with a rear deck and deck rail. There is plenty of room to store your tackle box and cooler. It can also be equipped with the optional “fishing table” in the front. This boat sits high in the water and is quick and maneuverable.

Aqua Cycle Plus Paddle Boat
Aqua Cycle Plus

The “AQUA CYCLE PLUS” is designed for a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. The bench seat easily accommodates two and comes standard with a rear deck and deck rail. These options provide space for additional cargo, pets, etc. This boat has a rear swim platform with a retractable ladder hidden underneath, which makes it easy to get back on the boat after swimming.

Aqua Cycle II Paddle Boat shown with optional bimini top
Aqua Cycle II

The “AQUA CYCLE II (two)” is a great family boat. Two bench seats accommodate 4 people, two pedaling and two riding. It has a rear swim platform and retractable ladder allowing easy access by swimmers. The shelf between the seats can be used for coolers, lunches or tackle boxes. Seating is fully adjustable for comfortable pedaling.

Aqua Cycle 4x4 Paddle Boat
Aqua Cycle 4x4

The “AQUA CYCLE 4×4 (four by four)” has two bench seats facing forward. It is designed to be pedaled by as many as four people. The benches can be adjusted separately. One bench can be adjusted for adults and the other can be adjusted for children. It is an enjoyable boat to pedal and built strong enough to handle rental and concession use.

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