Pricing Notifications

2017/2018 Changes

Hydro Sweep installation/removal charges replaced by Extension Cord installation/removal per unit, remains at $55 ea  (this service is included with lift installation or removal)


Lift installation/removal now minimum tiered pricing:

Up to 2300 lb capacity : $85

2400 lb – 5000 lb capacity : $180

5100 lb – 10,000 lb capacity : $210

2016/2017 Changes

Boat Transport Charge: increased from $120 to $129

2015/2016 Changes

Hydro Sweep Installation or Removal: $55 each

Lift Canopy Removal & Cleaning: these will be separate requests for Fall. Canopy removal/install is still $55 and winter cleaning starts at $95 but the service has changed from “opt-out” to “opt-in” (NOTE: additional surcharges may apply for extremely dirty, oversized or canopies in poor condition). Inspection and repair services are available at the time of cleaning. Any canopies still on lifts at the time of ADL removal and not designated on this form will be removed, rolled, and either left on site or in boat and billed accordingly. ADL is not responsible for canopies that are damaged by rodents, mildew or factors not directly caused by ADL.

Previous Changes

Boat Mooring/Trailer Covers: ADL will use discretion regarding charging up to $55 for covers that are particularly time-consuming. Please note if you do NOT want ADL to install your mooring/trailer covers for your boat.

Special requests to meet our technicians on site or to complete work at a specific time during our busy seasons (April/May and Sept/Oct) reduces our efficiency will be subject to an additional fee of $75.

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