Service Agreement and Policies

ANCHOR DOCK & LIFT (“ADL”) will use its best judgment when servicing your equipment based on industry experience. We stand behind our work, strive for exceptional service, and appreciate our customers. With that in mind, ADL also has the following policies:

Automatic Renewal: ADL will install/remove the equipment listed on this form and bill accordingly in perpetuity unless notified. Prices may increase. Additional equipment found onsite but not listed on the form may be installed and billed or not installed and not billed.

Discontinuing service: ADL reserves the right to discontinue providing equipment or service to any customer for any reason. Most commonly, in situations where a customer’s equipment cannot be serviced to ADL standards of quality, efficiency, safety or when a customer becomes belligerent, difficult, or late-paying. In addition, ADL will provide services based on this agreement and our customers agree to pay for the services unless notification was made 24 hours before services are provided. This agreement serves as approval to perform services and bill as necessary, regardless of changes to customer contact information.

Batteries: ADL may replace batteries AND other miscellaneous equipment that is required for equipment operation and ADL will invoice accordingly for these items. These charges may occur without prior notification for the sake of expediency and as a customer of ADL, you hereby authorize ADL to replace required parts and pay the associated charges. Batteries are the most common example and can cost $150 or more.

Equipment Adjustments: Even if ADL has installed your equipment before, due to changes in water levels, equipment, staff or ice damaged shoreline, it may not be installed exactly the same way each year. ADL will use its judgment to make your equipment functional. Unless you have made a specific request written request on this form regarding your preferences (e.g. “line up the dock with house and not shore”) or notified ADL of changes to shoreline due to ice shifts, or any other scenario, return trips to make adjustments or changes will be subject to a trip charge and labor rate. This includes but is not limited to adjusting the dock / lift as water levels change, canopy fabric installation / removal, running or removing extension cords.

Scheduling Requirements:  Specific scheduling requirements in April/May or Sept/Oct will be subject to an additional fee.

Damage to customer owned equipment: ADL takes great care to maintain the condition of your equipment. ADL will take responsibility for damages caused by ADL employees (at the discretion of ADL). To that end, ADL does not insure your boat or canopy while in storage. Your boat or home owners insurance should specifically cover any damage that occurs while in storage at an ADL facility, including but not limited to rodent damage, force of nature, fire, etc. Additionally, the nature of moving heavy equipment dictates that ‘normal wear and tear’ will occur. ADL is not responsible for costs or damages due to normal wear and tear.

Marketing Policy: By scheduling ADL to service your equipment, you agree to allow ADL to use products or services provided to you in marketing materials.

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