We have witnessed docks being taken out by three different companies in the last month, and I must say it is not easy to watch!  It just reiterated how glad we are that you remove our equipment.  We appreciated Jefferson coming in the spring when we had issues to get our boat on the lift due to placement - it made us feel as if you cared for your clients.

Thank you.

Dave and Gloria

Dave & Gloria Warner
This [Pier Pleasure sectional dock] is the best dock ever!!  Why would you ever sell any other kind?  Throw all the others away.  Getting this dock was better than Christmas as a 10 year old!

Lars Raisenen
I am writing to share how amazed I was at the customer service experiences I have had with Katie and Rick.  We recently bought a cabin, boat, docks and lifts from one of your customers, the Camps.  We are new to basically everything about boats, docks, lifts, and cabins.  I wandered into Anchor Dock & Lift at the Camp's suggestion to figure out how to retrieve the boat we had bought which you store and to ask some questions about the docks and lifts.


Katie was instantly welcoming and seemed to have immediate personal familiarity with the situation, the property, and the equipment in question.  She was warm and patient and helped me understand some important basics and was extremely helpful in walking through what we would need to consider should we choose to put our docks in on our own (instead of using your services as the Camps have in the past).  Rick got involved as well and between the two of them, they helped us find things like the stored batteries for the Floe lift and some missing components for the wheels on our lift.  Rick knew the property off the top of his head and gave us specific requirements and pointers about the sequence and considerations for placing the two docks and three lifts.  I felt like family, rather than a customer who just needed expert help and advice, advice that was unlikely to lead directly to anything that would financially benefit Katie or Rick.


When I picked up the boat from storage, Katie kindly helped me hitch it (again, patiently and without judging my complete lack of familiarity with the process).  When it turned out we didn't have the required adapter to connect the wires between SUV and trailer, she found one we were able to borrow until I could get to an Auto Parts store to buy our own.  Other staff members have been similarly helpful in looking for replacement parts that I am not always good at describing.


When it comes time to refer other prospective clients, there is only one place we would send them after our experiences.  The service at Anchor Dock & Lift is absolutely first class and completely authentic.  We look forward to finding ways to spend money with you on paddle boards, storage, and other future equipment needs.


Thanks again for providing a culture of high touch service!

Mark Fournier
Heidi and I would like to let you know how much fun we had this summer with our new dock and electric lift. The entire experience working with you and your team was tremendous. From concept to design, installation and last minute revisions, we always felt like you listened and provided needed input. We received many compliments about the design and layout of the dock including the functionality.

Thank you again and we are looking forward to summer 2014.

Tom & Heidi Knox
I very much appreciate your “extra” care of our lakeshore equipment.  Last weekend we were at the lake so we saw that you did several drive-bys to check on our equipment after the wicked storm passed through.  That is amazing customer service, and I was compelled to let you know it is appreciated.  Thank you.

Hope the summer is going well for you both personally and professionally.

Warmest regards, Mike

Mike Jonikas
Lake Sylvia, Annandale
…I have got to tell you how totally impressed I am not only with the removal, but more importantly the compact and tidy storage of all the "stuff" that you all took out last Monday at our lake house. You all did a fantastic job! Kudos to everyone!

Vicki Morgan
Clearwater Lake, Annandale
You have the best group of employee’s I have encountered in over 50 years on the lake. Keep up the good work!

David and Barbara Greven
Lake Sylvia, Annandale
Official Endorsement

Being the self-absorbed princess I am, I always appreciate doing business with a company that treasures me and makes me feel as though their only goal when they set up shop was to make my life easier.

It is with great pleasure then, that I offer my first Cathy in the Wright Official Endorsement to Anchor Dock and Lift based in Annandale, MN.

While The VP has dealt mostly with the sales force ("Top notch," he says), this morning I met [their] installation crew at the cabin to have them put in lifts for the boat and jet ski.

To call these guys professional and friendly would be an understatement. The lifts were installed in about an hour. They removed our old, decrepit lift out of the water; they secured the jet ski on the new lift; they locked up everything; they gave me a clear overview of the controls; and they did it all as though they couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and get there to help me.

So, for those of you with lakeshore property (or those of you who soon might because of Kelo v. New London), I can highly recommend Anchor Dock and Lift for all your water toy needs.

Posted by Cathy
Here are some words from a happy customer:

We are new to the lake and did quite a bit of research into the right dock for us. We needed something that was easy to install and maintain and PierPleasure caught our eye. We were glad that Anchor Dock and Lift in Annadale was a distributor. The experienced and focused team at Anchor Dock and Lift helped us with all the details to order our Pier Pleasure dock. We decided to install the dock ourselves (I was a wee nervous but it looked so slick to do, we thought we would give it a try). The dock was delivered right on time and carefully labeled for foul-proof installation. The first thing we noticed was the excellent quality of the supports and decking. The pieces of decking where light enough for me to carry down the hill by myself. My husband and I were easily able to install the 70' feet of dock in a few hours--even the first time! Really neat how everything latched together and fell into place.

We are delighted with the stability and quality of the installed dock. The decking has a nice non-slick clean feel; it stays cool and comfortable on the 90 degree days and on cool/rainy days the footing stays sure. We very much enjoy the two benches at the end of our dock (even came with cup holders!) and the design makes installation a breeze. Again, the benches have the same sturdy, comfortable, high quality feel.

We do feel we got excellent value for the money and outstanding support from the Anchor Dock & Lift team.

Many thanks.

Kathy and Orv Jonsrud
Cedar Lake, Annandale
THANK YOU! The Floe Dock system we bought from you is even better than we expected. It goes in and comes out very easy and is more stable than our neighbor's. We could not be happier, and you did not forget us after the sale when we needed an adjustment and mid-depth wheels. We will definitely buy our upgrades and add on's from you.

Thank you again.

Pete and Ann
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